Onsite heat and power without fuels

World's first fixed receiver/furnace with dual axis solar dish

Economical platform for

  • residential/pool heating
  • commercial or industrial process heat
  • chillers: single and double effect
  • combined heat and power
  • distributed power generation
  • thermal energy store
  • hybrid operation with fossil fuels
  • dense concentrated photovoltaics (CPV)
  • thermochemical energy storage

Breakthrough for solar:

    Enables off peak power generation without batteries

    Scalable designs for architectural integration

    Economics on par with troughs and central receivers but has higher energy efficiency


  • 2011 Cleantech Open semifinalist and CA runner up
  • 2011 Lockheed-DST India Innovation award
  • 2012 government of India TEPP grant award
For further details please contact

email: info@sollecsys.com